L I G H T I N G & P E O P L E

In the early 90 ́s a couple of hard workers decided to bet on their dream of building unique lighting pieces emphasizing product design. They developed a new concept of lighting, creating CANDIBAMBU. Handmade with bamboo and other wooden materials the lightning designs were launched with a high quality demand and tenacious creativity.

As the world and market changed, also the trends have changed and CANDIBAMBU participated on this evolution. In the 21th century the brand was registred as K-LIGHTING and the doors of design and elegance were opened to the new world era. New pieces were developed with brand new materials as, brass, aluminium, glass and crystal, reformulating the whole concept of the company. 

It was from this important change that the international expansion of K-LIGHTNING took place, which is now recognized as a reference brand in the sector, exporting its production to more than 80 countries. The brand currently has a vast team of excellent professionals passionate about design, creativity and exploring new concepts in the world of lighting.

With over 25 years of experience, this highly innovative Portuguese brand stands out for its cutting edge design, consultancy and execution of technical and design projects, as well as the customization of its products. The continuous bets on design, innovation and personalization reflect in the offer of a range of products with high levels of quality and creativity.